Beach in HongKong

Jun 102012

Pictures of a beach in Cheung Chau Island

Cheung Chau is an island located southwest of HongKong. It is a small island in the shape of a dumbbell, hence called DumbBell island. It is thicker on both ends and thinner on the center with a distance of about 150 meters between two sides. The swimming and surfing side where I used to hang out is located in the east side of the island and is called the Tung Wan Beach. The picture below was taken in the late afternoon and the sun goes down on the opposite side so my picture is kind of dark here.

Pictures of a BeachTung Wan Beach Cheung Chau Island

Tung Wan Beach north end

Picture of Cheung Chau Tung Wan Beach

Picture of Tung Wan beach overlooking many apartments

(Picture of Tung Wan Beach) © Carmelj

The picture of Tung Wan beach above was taken in the late afternoon so some swimmers might have left some garbage behind.

Pictures of a Beach Tung Wan Beach and The Warwick Hotel

Cheung Chau Island

Picture of Tung Wan Beach Cheung Chau

The picture above is taken by Lewi Hirvela, you can click the picture to see his Flicker photos. In this photo you see the most part of the Tung Wan beach and the south end where you can see the Warwick Hotel in the distance. Towards the south end of the beach lies another smaller beach known as Kwun Yam Wan beach. Some people prefer to go there instead of the bigger Tung Wan beach because it is more quite and have more privacy. Most visitors don’t know about the smaller beach.


The Warwick Hotel in Cheung Chau Island

Picture of The Warwick Hotel Cheung Chau Island

Picture of Kwun Yam Wan beach, the smaller beach next to Tung Wan beach.

Kwun Yam Wan taken from The Warwick Hotel Veranda

(Picture of Kwun Yam Wan beach) © Carmelj

This picture of Kwun Yam Wan beach was taken in the veranda of The Warwick Hotel. I wasn’t aware of a smaller beach nearby so I thought it was just an extension beach but I found out later that it is indeed a different beach.

Pictures of a beach – Kwan-yin Wan Beach Cheung Chau Harbor

The pier or west side is known as the Kwan-yin Wan Beach. Cheung Chau Island is half hour ride from HongKong Island for fast ferry and one hour for slower ferry. Many people come here for relaxation, hiking or dinning at the seafood restaurant. Seafood here are exceptionally cheaper compared to most seafood restaurants in HongKong. Watch the sunset at the west Harbor and the beautiful sunrise at the other side.

Cheung Chau Island Harbor west side

Cheung Chau Harbor with lots of small boats

You will see lots of small boats at the west side of the island. Along the shorefront there are many seafood restaurant. It is noted that most seafood restaurant in Cheung Chau Island has much lower price compared to other seafood restaurant in Hongkong islands like the Lamma island and Discovery bay.

Some of the attractions and activities includes :

  • Pak Tai Temple
  • Pirate’s Cave
  • Human Head Rock
  • Cheung Chau Harbor
  • Tung Wan Beach
  • Kwan-yin Wan Beach
  • Seafood restaurants along the waterfront west side
  • Hiking to the peak and around the Island


Cheung Chau Island
Restaurant in Cheung Chau Island by Lewi Hervila – Flickr

My most favorite thing to do in Cheung Chau Island is to dine in the seafood restaurants. The Human Head Rock which I haven’t actually seen personally seems very interesting. But I saw this photograph from (scroll to the middle part) and this picture really looks like human or maybe alien head. I have seen other photos of human head rock but this is the closest one. I remember hiking to the south part and going up stairways. There was a rental trike and you can drive towards the north along the shore front. I hope you like these pictures of a beach in Cheung Chau Island. Please like, retweet or share this site, thanks.