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Jun 102012


Pictures of Tadyaw Beach taken in May 2012

Tadyaw beach is a small resort located in Leyte island. I am very impressed by its scenic beauty, landscape and the beauty of the beach itself. It was during a lazy afternoon stroll when I took these beautiful pictures of Tadyaw beach resort.

picture of a beach

(Picture of Tadyaw Beach) © 2012 Carmelj

The picture above is just one of the many pictures of Tadyaw Beach Resort and Spa I took during one afternoon visit. The picture you see is the view of the south side of the beach. Do you know Tadyaw beach? No? Okay, I didn’t know this nice place either, until I had my vacation last May and my sister mentioned it to me. Tadyaw Beach is located in Brgy. Tanghas Tolosa, Leyte Philippines. Far away you say? Yes it is, if you’re coming from the USA, Europe, Middle East or Africa. If you are in for an adventure, you can take advantage of the many natural attractions in Leyte Island such as clear water beaches, natural waterfalls, mountain lakes, forest and more. I was looking for a nice place to visit then my sister told me about this resort. Without hesitation I immediately ask her to accompany me to take pictures of Tadyaw Beach Resort.


beach & clouds

(Picture of Tadyaw Beach & Clouds) © 2012 Carmelj

Photography is always my favorite pastime but now I have fallen in love with it! After receiving a very nice amateur-pro Nikon DSLR camera model D7000 from my husband as a birthday present, I started to play with the camera and got really interested with photography. This camera is really great for me. It takes great pictures and seems a durable camera. It has many good reviews around the Internet. We were looking for an affordable entry-level pro camera and so we started researching for a decent one over the Internet.  My husband decided to get the Nikon D7000 for me. What a great camera! I haven’t even touch the video feature yet which is not too bad although some users  complain of noise. After all it is a DSLR and not a camcorder. Some people even use the video mode of this model for shooting small movie.

Some of the pictures of Tadyaw Beach Resort turned out great.

Tadyaw Beach small kiosk

(small cottage tadyaw beach) – ©2012 Carmelj

Look at my most favorite kiosk or cottage in this resort. It is perfectly located at the center directly facing the sea. I thought of going back to this kiosk someday and stare at the ocean and relax the whole day, read  a book or sleep. But if you are looking for white sand beach then this is not the right place to go because it has a white-gray sand beach as you can see in some of the picture. Not bad or anything just the color. The place is clean as they remove the debris that are constantly washed out from the  sea.

Picture of Tadyaw Beach north side

(Tadyaw Beach Resort) – Copyright © 2012 Carmelj

The picture of Tadyaw Beach above is the north part of the beach. There were few people swimming that day as it was Wednesday. Many of the locals don’t go much to a resort as it is a little expensive. They do go when they want to celebrate something like birthdays or some holidays. The resort depends it’s business on visitors from other towns and cities as well as from the town people and of course from tourists.

Pictures of Big Cottages

(Bigger Kiosks at Tadyaw Beach) – © 2012 Carmelj

These pictures of Tadyaw Beach Resort and Spa were taken on a really nice sunny day with deep blue skies. You can see a row of bigger cottages which are great for days picnic. Big cottage that accommodates up to 15 people rents for 1,500 pesos and the tiny one rents for 750 pesos inclusive of entrance fee. The resort also have other accommodation such as overnight cottages and guest house. Because my purpose  was to look around and take some photos, I just paid for the entrance fee which was 50 pesos per head.


 One of the Pictures of Tadyaw Beach with its beautiful landscape featuring a large tadyaw or large clay jar.

Big Clay Jar at Tadyaw beach

(Picture of Big Clay Jar) © 2012 Carmelj

The landscape is beautiful and well maintained. Looking around at the beautiful landscape, coconut trees, cottages and the beach gave me a feeling of total relaxation.

A picture of Tadyaw Beach and the lone swimmer caught on camera.

Picture of Tadyaw beach front

(Picture of Tadyaw Beach Resort) © 2012 Carmelj


I took a picture of the beach itself and found out later that there was this lone swimmer probably a child. I swear I didn’t see him when I took the picture, looks like a boy. So I hope you like these pictures of Tadyaw Beach Resort and Spa. These pictures were taken using Nikon D7000; great camera and lenses Nikon 28-200mm and Nikon macro lens 105mm.

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