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St. Pete Beach – A perfect vacation destination

Have you been to St Pete Beach? No? You’re not alone.  St. Pete Beach is located on a strip of land near St. Petersburg Florida facing the Gulf of Mexico. Paradise Island and Treasure Island are just few miles ahead. It has beautiful and soft white sand beach, clear waters and stunning scenery especially during sunset.

Below are some pictures of  St. Pete beach Florida.


Photos of Saint Pete Beach - Featured Images
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St. Petersburg Florida: St. Pete Beach-St. Pete …

www.travelvideopostcard.com St. Petersburg, Florida, is one of those Florida cities that surprises visitors. St. Petersburg, Florida is lovely, pastel town sitting on the warm waters of the Gulf of Mexico. St. Petersburg, Florida, has the largest collection of Salvador Dalis painting in the world except Spain, and St. Petersburg Florida, has many impressive museums for a town of its size, and many more pelicans, parks, take it -off performers and waterfront walks But St. Petersburg, Florida, is a gateway to Saint Pete Beach. St. Pete Beach next to St. Petersburg, Florida, is seven miles of stunning talcum-white sand beaches curving gracefully along the gentle waters of the Gulf of Mexico. For Florida beaches, for Florida vacations, for Florida Family Travel…

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St. Pete Beach, Fl

Photo by Billy V – Flickr


st pete beach

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St. Pete Beach

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You will find lots of hotel in St. Pete beach such as the St Pete Beach Hotel – Tradewinds Island Grand, Tradewinds Island Beach Resort, Sirata Beach Resort, Grand Plaza Beach Resort Hotel, the Loews Don CeSar Hotel, Plaza Beach Hotel Beachfront Resort, Beachcomber Beach Resort and more. Loews Don CeSar Hotel is a very pretty hotel known as Florida’s “Pink Palace” and it resembles a Mediterranean Castle.