Feb 232013

The beautiful Shirahama white sand beach

Shirahama beach is located in a resort town Shirahama  south coast of Wakayama Prefecture Japan.  Shirahama resort town is also known for its hot springs. During the summer (July and August) the place is packed and there are fireworks going on every night on the beach.


Shirahama Beach

 by Henry Burrows – Flickr


The Shirarahama Beach is a white sand resort, it also kown as the “sister beach” of Waikiki Beach Hawaii. Why some people called it Shirahama and some called it Shirarahama isn’t clear to me. The beach is about 640 meters long. The view of the beach is fantastic and almost picture perfect.

During spring like April and May Shirahama beach is almost deserted but during summer it becomes crowded. A good way to go around the Shirahama town is to hire bicycles.

It takes over two hours from Osaka to Shirahama taking JR West’s Ocean Arrow train. If you prefer air flight there are also daily flights to Tokyo International Airport.



By Novalis at en.wikipedia (Transferred from en.wikipedia) [GFDL or CC-BY-SA-3.0], from Wikimedia Commons


There are some nice hotels near Shirahama beach. First there is Shirarasou Grand Hotel which is the red one on the picture above.  Umedaru Spa Hotel Seamore and Resort Hotel Raforet Nankishirahama are good alternatives. Shirarasou Grand Hotel seems a great spot to stay when visiting Shirahama beach.